Way Back Home.

    Batangas, Philippines you beautiful place you. I love you so. Advertisements

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My weight should not be the basis of your judgment. I am way more than that. My body shape does not define the type of person that I am. My … Continue reading

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I’ll never understand why people go the extra mile just to hurt others. I am no saint, but I just don’t think anyone should be so spiteful. There are already … Continue reading

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If somebody asks me if I have a best friend, my only answer would be food.

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I’m not one to to complain, but sometimes there are days when it’s really tough. I keep telling myself it’ll get better. But when will it be? Why does it … Continue reading

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Free fallin’

Oh they just flow, no way to stop them. Those darn romantic movies, always out to get me. And even when I know that, I still put myself in that … Continue reading

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I like to be alone. I actually enjoy being alone. I get so much things done. Even when I am alone I can still be happy. My happiness does not … Continue reading

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